Meet Mindy

I am so excited you have found your way to my blog. Call to Beauty is very dear to my heart. Here I reveal the pretty, and the not so pretty, parts of me that have graciously been woven into something beautiful by the hand of God. I am so happy to be able to share what I have learned about living with peace, loving who you are, and doing what matters most.

Dear sister, I have struggled so much with loving the body I was given. I have spent so many years comparing what I do, and don’t have with others. I have wasted so many days fixated on who I thought I needed to be. Can you can relate?  If so, my heart’s desire is that you will find peace for yours. There is a part of each of us that is drawn to the beautiful things in life. I want you to know and understand that beauty in yourself and your circumstances. I’m fighting for that beauty in my life all the time.

About a year ago, I started actively working in women’s ministry at my home church near Detroit. I love it!  I feel called to love on and help women; especially in the area of body image. I hope to be a speaker or write my story in book form one day.

I am a wife and mother of one sweet nine year old boy. I love to bake. I ran a small baking business from my home for about 6 years. I love to decorate. The style of my home is what I like to call traditional-glam. My favorite room is one I transformed into a dressing room. It is so fun, and it makes me smile everyday. I love to sing. I sang classical and jazz music in high school and college, and now I get to use my voice to help lead worship at church every Sunday.

I eat a lot of vegan food because I am crazy about lentils, dates, nuts, and sweet potatoes. The color purple rocks, like a lot. Coffee and naps are amazing. Classic films are my go-to’s  (Think Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn). New York is my most favorite place on earth.

I have a serious sweet tooth. I was born on a leap year (I’m 9 years old)!  Helping out in my son’s class at school makes me really anxious. My hair is super curly and I spend way too much time at Ulta.

Above all else, I love Jesus and I desire to see His daughters walk in freedom, experience peace for their souls, and find the beauty in who they were created to be.

To understand more of what Call to Beauty means, please check out my first blog post and read my in-depth personal story on the Beauty Marks page. I’m looking forward to sharing and connecting with you.