What is a Call to Beauty?

Have you ever walked into a bakery and been overwhelmed by all of the pretty desserts in the shiny display case? There is something very bewitching about beauty. It has a way of exciting our senses and calling out to us. We are unconsciously drawn to that picture- perfect pink macaron in the bakery, the sparkly necklace in the jewelry case, and the freshly bloomed roses at the flower shop. We stop and take notice of our friend’s new haircut or her fancy new shoes. We spend hours of our time during the holidays adorning our homes with lights and trees with glass and glittery ornaments. We love beauty.

While we seem to be okay acknowledging the beauty around us, many of us have never been able to find much beauty in ourselves. Maybe we have been told at some point in our lives that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Or, if you are like me, maybe your life has been defined by outer beauty. But what if there is real beauty in the brokenness of our insides and real beauty in the size of our waistlines?

1 Peter 3:3-4 tells us that our beauty comes from inside us, it’s the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that does not fade away. It tells us that God places great value on this kind of beauty. In this blog, I will talk a lot about the inner beauty that Christ values and living for what matters most. I will also encourage you, however, to expand your definition of outer beauty. You see, I believe we are all drawn to the pretty packages, breathtaking sunsets, and the sparkle for a reason. We can clearly see in nature and in the variety of human creation that our Heavenly Father finds beauty on the outside, too. While He may not call us to fixate on it, He doesn’t call us to completely devalue it either.

For most of my life, I lived trapped in a body that I hated, constantly looking for ways to mold it into this world’s definition of beauty. Always trying to shrink it and manipulate it, starve it and over-exercise it; believing that my happiness, my value, and my acceptance was determined by it. I never fathomed that I could love the body God created for me, just the way He created it.

Sisters, this Call to Beauty is more than a desire to wear a certain size and have the right shade of lipstick. This Call to Beauty answers the longing in our hearts to find peace for our souls and on our scales. To embrace the beauty in the body and makeup that God has given us so we can focus on the work He has for us to do. Let’s not allow our quest for outward, worldly beauty to keep us trapped in a place of fear and self-hatred. I dare you to dive into what really matters and see how that changes your definition of beauty. When we fall in love with God’s creation, it is impossible not to find beauty everywhere; even in ourselves.

Finding freedom and surrender from the thoughts that have kept you focusing on self and all the wrong things, opens you up further to do the work God really has for you; the work that has eternal value. I hope that you will join me on this journey. I dare say, we might find something beautiful along the way…

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  1. This is so powerful and so true! It’s so easy for me to see beauty around me but so much harder to see it in myself… so good!!!


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